Let’s Buy Another Sheep!

heifer intIn 2011, PGHW collected enough money to purchase a sheep through Heifer International to help a family survive somewhere in the world where the need is great and survival is difficult.  Last year, we hoped to do the same, but our funding fell short.  I placed a pink piggy bank at the guild house near the library fee collection box, but the pig does not contain nearly enough money.  Several members have asked if we are going to collect at the December holiday party.  I’d love to collect enough for us to send another sheep out into the world to help a family survive.  I will be trying to fill the pig with $120, the amount needed to purchase a sheep.  So please bring your donation to the guild house if you will be joining us on December 5. You can also help even if you cannot attend.  Simply send me your donation.  Either way, I hope you can help!  Somewhere in the world, a family is waiting to survive with the help of the sheep we will send if we can collect $120.

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