Wild Yarn and How to Tame It

Wild Yarn and How to Tame It

  I was getting ready for a demonstration and wanted to thread a rigid heddle loom.  Of course I tried to take a shortcut, and attempted to work directly from the skein.  I actually discovered a really cool trick.  You can use your desk chair to hold the skein and with the magic of a winding tool and a few… Read more →

How to Hold a "Walk in and Weave" Class

How to Hold a “Walk in and Weave” Class

How to hold a “Walk in and Weave Class” Start with a weaver who is crazy about the craft. Ask the weaver to warp a few looms and bring a variety of wefts. Add a bright Autumn day at Bloomfield Farm. Mix in a group of young and old adventuresome folks. Put the shuttle in their hands. Explain a few… Read more →