Monthly Meetings

June Meeting - June Workshop

June Meeting – June Workshop

KATHRIN WEBER –BLAZING SHUTTLES Join us on June 2 to hear Kathrin Weber talk about color in Weaving and Dyeing. She will share her ability to see color in everything with us. You will not want to miss this chance to share color with Kathrin. Kathrin Weber has been a full-time studio fiber artist since 1980 whose work revolves around… Read more →

December 3rd Meeting: Color, Color, Color

December 3rd Meeting: Color, Color, Color

Amy King, an avid spinner and teacher is the owner of Spunky Eclectic, a fiber studio that is both a brick-and-mortar and online store. One of the most dedicated and impassioned of the “younger generations” of handspinners, she has played a significant role in the spinning community for years.  Known for her fiber prep and dyeing, she is acclaimed by… Read more →