Past Classes and Workshops

2 DAYS: Saturday & Sunday: October 28-29
10am – 4pm
Members $132 / Non-Members $147
Material Fee: $10 payable to instructor
Instructor: Meg Kennedy

Combining leaves, twigs, bark, flat stones, feathers, shells—and oh so many other things—with thread, paper, and stitches, we will construct wall hangings that celebrate the natural world. No experience is required; the stitches are fairly simple and the more complicated ones are optional for those who are familiar with embroidery. You can choose to create a piece for a shadow box frame or for hanging from a dowel or branch. Designing with natural objects provides a delightful wabi-sabi experience that is playful and frees your creative instincts.

Nov. 14, 21, 28, Dec 5, 12, 19
6 sessions /3 hours each
6 to 9pm
$192 members / $207 non-members
$30 Materials fee payable to instructor*
Instructor: Benjamin Halterman       

Skill Level: novices, beginners and those who need a re-introduction to spinning
Learn how to create your own beautiful and functional yarn efficiently using a spinning wheel.
This course will teach the properties of animal fibers used for making yarn, the basic structure of stable, balanced yarn, and the techniques to produce yarn painlessly and enjoyably on the wheel.

We will be learning the worsted draw, also known as the short forward draw. This draw is suited to the creation of smooth, durable yarns from long staple wool. We will work with commercial combed wool top, the most commonly available form of prepared fiber available to hand spinners. Fiber preparation from raw fleece, including combing, carding, and spinning woolen yarns from short staple wool, will be covered in subsequent classes… stay tuned!

Topics covered will include:
● properties of wool fiber
● explanation of types of fiber preparations, and their uses (combed top, roving, batts, rolags, etc.)
● spinning wheel mechanics and operation
● understanding the different types of draft (worsted vs. woolen)
● spinning worsted singles yarn and plied yarn
● skeining and finishing handspun yarn
This is a hands-on course with lots of in-class practice time.

*IMPORTANT: All fibers for spinning will be provided as materials fee to the instructor. Students who have a  spinning wheel, or can borrow a spinning wheel from a friend, should bring it to class. Students who have spindles are welcome to bring those too; we will take a brief detour on spindles in class.  If you do not have a wheel, guild wheels will be available for use in the Guild House only. Please contact the instructor so one can be reserved for you.

BEAD CROCHET BANGLES! Intro to Bead Crochet
 Saturday: November 18
1:00 – 4pm
Members $42 / Non-Members $57
Instructor:  Judy Gelzinis Donovan

Learn to crochet tubular jewelry with beads. No crochet experience is necessary.  Students will work with size 6 beads and C-lon cord to crochet a beaded bangle. Once this technique is mastered with larger beads, students can create slinky beaded lariats and rope necklaces using smaller beads and crochet thread.  Students will begin crocheting with tubes that are already started, then move to crocheting their own beads and learning how to start the tube.  Students can purchase beads, C-lon cord and appropriate crochet hook in class.  Students who already have lots of beads should contact the instructor about which size and quantity to bring to class.