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Eva Stossel

My love for weaving began when I was a studio art major in 1976 in Gayle Wimmer’s fiber arts class at Hunter College. After receiving my BA, I went on to study fabric and fiber design by taking classes and studying on my own. My weaving work over the years includes exhibiting and selling through shops and galleries, collaborating with fashion designer, Kip Kirkendall, production weaving for scarf designer, Fern Devlin, and freelancing as a sample weaver in the textile industry. A few years ago I learned to use weaving software and currently I’m enjoying sharing my weaving adventures on my blog.


Gebrochene to Echo Fabric - 2012

Title: Gebrochene to Echo Fabric

Description: Gebrochene Twill redrawn as Echo Weave, rayon and silk/merino, 16 shafts—my

study for the Fine Threads Study Group published in the October 2012 issue of the “Complex

Weavers Journal”

Year Completed: 2012


Diversified Plain Weave Pillows - 2011

Title: Diversified Plain Weave Pillows

Description: Diversified Plain Weave, wool and perle cotton, 16 shafts—swirly pattern designed

in the tie-up

Year Completed: 2011


Patterned Double Weave Fabric - 2010

Title: Patterned Double Weave Fabric

Description: Patterned Double Weave, perle cotton, 14 shafts—blocks are fuzzy rather than

sharp produced by networked threading and treadling

Year Completed: 2010


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